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This Moment Here

“You matter because you are you, and you matter
to the last moment of your life.”
Dame Cicely Saunders

This Moment Here
End of Life Consultant/Guide

I am a non-medical and non-religious service person who is passionate about honouring the choices and wishes of the dying whilst assisting those around them to feel safe and supported during this important time.

Whilst working with you I will provide information and support that will empower you and/or your loved ones to make sure that your wishes are honoured. Together we can cover all your end of life choices from the legal through to the philosophical in a safe and non-judgemental environment. My intention is to completely advocate for ‘your wishes’ with not only medical staff but friends and family too if and when required. I have no pre-conceived agendas, just knowledge, ideas, support, compassion and advocacy skills to make sure that your wishes are carried out. I strongly believe that death and end-of-life care does not need to be impersonal or according to a prescribed process. I can assist you to make your goodbye as unique and tailored as you see fit. If you wish to completely bypass the funeral homes, I can guide you through that process too. 

I can also provide information and support to hold a funeral or ‘Celebration of Life’ that reflects exactly who you are and at a much lower cost than those provided by the funeral industry. However, holding your own funeral can be a bit of work and thus it’s important to recognise that this option isn’t for everyone and that is perfectly okay.

If this is all sounding a bit scary and unconventional do remember that only a century ago it was the norm for the family to take care of loved ones dying. We didn’t bring people away to hospitals and death wasn’t medicalised or institutionalised but rather seen as the normal part of the life-cycle that it is. 

As your End of Life Consultant/Guide I want to empower you and your family with preparing a plan that clearly stipulates you wishes so that you can have peace of mind and get on with living a life that fits you best


Service 1 –

(min of 2 hours) can include:

∙ Chatting with the family
∙ Sitting with the dying person
∙ Discussing challenges
∙ Going over end of life planning
∙ Documenting of stories
∙ Funeral options & planning

Service 2 –

(min of 4 hours) includes:

Sitting with the dying person so the family can function; good time for the family to eat together, rest, go out, shop, have a family meeting about ongoing care, funeral arrangements etc. Suggested times could be 10am-2pm or 5-9pm.

Service 3 –
Maintaining Rest

(From 8-12 hrs) includes:

Overnight dozing nearby the dying person (family to provide bed/bedding).

Service 4 –
On Call

(min of 3 hrs on site or min 30min on phone)

I will come as soon as I can for any situation as needed or when needed.

Service 5 – Combination Package

(Conditions/rates to be negotiated)
Non-live in, but daily visits, phone calls & staying close at hand towards the end.

Service 5 – Combination Package

(Conditions/rates to be negotiated)
Non-live in, but daily visits, phone calls & staying close at hand towards the end.


You’re Not Alone. I’m Here to Help!

For more Information or to arrange a free face to face consultation at no obligation,
please contact me.