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Meet Anouk, End of Life Consultant/Guide

‘This Moment Here’ began when at the age of 33 I went against the ‘strong advice’ of an Aged Care Manager, a Head Nurse and a Chaplain who were trying to talk me out of taking my mother out of care and home to die in her final weeks of life with Early Onset Alzheimers.

My mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the young age of 54 we cared for her at home until we had to put her into dementia care. When the home called us to say that she was now in the beginning stages of dying, I convinced my father and siblings that we should take her home for the final chapter of her life.
It was mid-winter and we set up a cosy bed in-front of the fire place in the kitchen (mum’s favourite room in the house). With her beloved dog at her feet and the cat tucked in by her side we began a loving process of slowly saying goodbye to her on our family’s own terms and in a way that honoured our mother and her life. 

In the first week, friends and family dropped by to say their goodbyes. In her final days, we changed our energies towards providing mum a peaceful space with immediate family only, where in her familiar surroundings, she could gently start turning towards the dying process.

Mum passed away peacefully with her beloved family & pets by her side. It was the most sacred and profound experience I have ever experienced

As the weeks and months passed after her death, I began to reflect on how mum’s peaceful death on our terms had greatly helped my grieving process and I began to wonder how I could help other people and families to have a similar goodbye that wasn’t solely directed by the medical or funeral industries constraints.

And thus, this is how This Moment Here came about.

You’re Not Alone. I’m Here to Help!

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